so  i had to tell her and sheso i had to tell her and she

and she laughed and laughedand she laughed and laughed

she laughed hysterically andshe laughed hysterically and

cried when she should and shecried when she should and she

and she laughed  and saidand she laughed and said

so she watched     and sheso she watched and she

option to choose and sheoption to choose and she

clothes on and she laughedclothes on and she laughed

good night and she laughedgood night and she laughed

and she laughed  and she criedand she laughed and she cried

she laughed silently and sheshe laughed silently and she

she laughed and laughed againshe laughed and laughed again

and she laughed    andand she laughed and

and she laughed and goes alland she laughed and goes all

and she laughed no moreand she laughed no more

recipe and she laughedrecipe and she laughed

the kisses and she laughedthe kisses and she laughed

the misc and she laughedthe misc and she laughed

and so she had laughed  itand so she had laughed it

and she laughed at meand she laughed at me

she laughedshe laughed



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