she said it might serve toshe said it might serve to

she said that working withshe said that working with

she said that some strangershe said that some stranger

she said while their swordshe said while their sword

thats what she saidthats what she said

and she bare him a son and heand she bare him a son and he

she said  johnny depp revisesshe said johnny depp revises

but is she a media darlingbut is she a media darling

and she said quot its thriftedand she said quot its thrifted

she said your mango behaviourshe said your mango behaviour

i asked my sister and she saidi asked my sister and she said

when she said a strangerwhen she said a stranger

she said  you should watch itshe said you should watch it

ok   and she wiped her cheeksok and she wiped her cheeks

then she said   i just wantthen she said i just want

thoughts of a stranger  i usethoughts of a stranger i use

she said yes againshe said yes again

maya said as she raised andmaya said as she raised and

to see it and she said itto see it and she said it

depression and said she isdepression and said she is

and she said she meant noand she said she meant no



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